Monday, April 06, 2009

What a miserable rainy day it was!  After yoga, I came home, showered and made lunch.  Because it was so yucky out, to cheer myself up, I watched the first season of Buffy.  That's really all that happened today.  

Saffy has taken up eating birdseed.  She has been chewing holes in the bag that we use to fill our bird feeders.  Patrick thought it might have been a mouse, but I think a mouse would have been much more destructive and left behind droppings.  There are no droppings anywhere.  I'm quite impressed that Saffy is actually cracking open the sunflower seeds and eating out the inside.  She is a talented little puppy.  When it stops raining, I might actually fill the bird feeders and give the food to its rightful owners.

Boring post for a gray day.


Jennifer said...

I didn't know dogs liked seeds! LOL I hope you enjoyed your trip to the Hellmouth.

Laux said...

That is talented, wow. lol