Friday, April 24, 2009

Today was a very nice day.  I went to yoga in the morning and came home and had my omelet.  Then I showered and fell asleep for an hour with the puppy and the hubby.  After I got dressed, Saffy and I took a nice long walk.  We ran into our doggie friends Gracie (Pit Bull mix) and Sully (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog).  Gracie was overjoyed to see us.  She is such a sweetheart.  Sully had never met Saffy before and was scared of her.  Every time she tried to come near him, he would whine and back away.  It was very funny.  Saffy also discovered the squirrels on the back deck today.  She likes to sit on her pillow in the sun in the mornings and today she saw the little red squirrel darting around.  She just followed its every move and then started scratching on the glass and whining.  We think she wanted to go play with it.  The whole thing was very cute.  

Tonight, Patrick and I went to Macy's to buy me some shorts with my gift card since it is going to be in the 80's this weekend and all my shorts are too big.  I got a really cute pair of brown and pink plaid shorts and a pink polo shirt.  The awesome news is that the shorts are a size 12!  I can't tell you the last time I wore a size 12!  I just got my new size 14 pants a month ago and they are already falling off of me.  It's going to take some time for me to reconcile my new outside with my old inside.  Going shopping was never easy, but I have to consciously steer myself away from the XLs and the plus sizes.  

The only bummer thing that happened today was that we called our gamer friends to see if they were up for some Indian food and games and they said they were going out to dinner with our mutual friends for their daughter's birthday.  I guess they threw together a big party at the Japanese steakhouse for everyone and didn't even call us.  Gamer friend said they would ask mutual friends to invite us too, but we said if they wanted us to come they knew how to get in touch with us.  We haven't seen them since January.  I've called to talk or to get together at least once a week, but my calls are never returned.  Oh well, I'm trying not to get too worried about it.  Patrick says that life is too short for bad wine and fair weather friends.

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