Sunday, April 19, 2009

I got the best news today, Patrick is going to be staying home all week!  Yay!  I knew he was going to spend the night tonight because he has a doctor's appointment in the morning, but he surprised me with the news today while we were grocery shopping.  He was picking out a suspiciously large amount of food to cook out on the grill if I was the only one going to be eating leftovers.  He also came for a walk with me and Saffy which is a very rare occurrence.  

I'm about halfway through the leg of the second Twisted Flower sock.  I am finding this one to be much easier than the first.  The cables are still a bit of a pain, but the finished object is worth it.  I am charging my camera so I can get some pictures of the work-in-progress.  

This week was looking to be another week of the same old thing, but with my sweetie home, it might be a little more exciting.  I certainly won't be as lonely as usual.

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Jennifer said...

Awesome! Have a good week.