Thursday, February 07, 2008

I'm back!  The visit from my mom and sister went very well.  I did feel like a third wheel at times since they live so close together and spend so much time together, they have a lot of little "in" jokes.  We found a bridesmaid dress for Andrea's wedding after two marathon days of Diana trying to squeeze her ginormous breasts into sample sized gowns.  Here's the link to the dress.  The color is Ocean Blue.  It looks good with my pale pale skin and my red hair.  We also looked at paper for invitations.  Drea originally wanted to make them herself, but with all the work and the cost, we are figuring that it might be just as cost effective to buy them.  

I am still missing Jesus a lot.  He has been gone for a month now and my life is getting quite stressful.  Of course, I can't go into any of it here until things settle down and things are figured out.  We will probably get a puppy once our lives settle down and return to normal.  Once the snow melts would be easier too!

In craft news, I am still working on my sweater. 

I finished the back and am on the left front. 
I also started work on my sister-in-law's baby gift (Patrick's brother's wife).  She's due in April and I want to make sure it is done in time.  It is pretty involved and will take some time.  I wish I could link to some photos, but I want it to be a surprise just in case Teri is reading this.  I also need to start coming up with ideas for bridesmaid jewelry.