Saturday, April 25, 2009

It was another beautiful day today.  It actually got into the 90's according to the thermometer in the Beetle which we took out for cruise with the top down.  I also took Saffy for a super-long walk after which she was exhausted.  Not a whole lot else to say today, but I do have pictures!  First, we have me in my new shorts.  The only thing that could make my outfit more preppy is a white cotton sweater tied around my shoulders.

Posing in my new shorts

The next photo is Saffy after her walk today.  She pretty much passed out after she drank practically her whole bowl of water.

Tired out Saffy

Last but not least, the first completed Twisted Flower sock!  I am turning the heel on the second so it shouldn't be too long before they are all done and I start on another pair of Mingus socks.

Twisted Flower sock
Twisted Flower sock

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Jennifer said...

Passed-out chihuahua! That is too funny...