Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Patrick is an evil evil man.  Today one of his co-workers was talking about getting a dog and he started looking on Petfinder.  This is what he found.
His name is Jasper and he was born without front legs.  He looks like such a sweetie pie.  Just like Saffy did when she was a puppy except brown.  We are currently not planning on getting another puppy, but sometimes it's nice to see what's out there.  I'm a sucker for Chihuahuas!  Saffy is our fourth Chihuahua and definitely won't be our last.

We got Petie and Cocoa in April of 2001.  They had to be adopted together and were about five or six years old when we got them.  Petie was a roly-poly guy and Cocoa looked like he had some Dachshund in him as he was shaped like a little sausage with a pot belly.  They were both sweetie pies.  
Starsky and Hutch

Jesus came to live with us on Christmas Eve after Cocoa died in April of 2005.  He was a total character.  He walked into our house when we brought him home like he never lived anywhere else.  He and Petie never really got along all that well.  They only tolerated each other.
Jesus is Fly

Chihuahuas are really wonderful dogs.  I think they have a bad reputation as yappy, obnoxious ankle-biters.  They are actually very loyal, sweet and loving dogs.  I think the yappy idea comes from the fact that they are very protective of their people.  If you ever want a dog that loves to curl up on your lap and snuggle or if you like your dog to be silly and make you laugh, check out a Chihuahua!

Of course, all five of my followers are quite familiar with Saffron, so this Chihuahua-lovin' tribute post will end with a shot of her.  This picture is the aftermath of Saffy versus Time Magazine.  One guess who won!
The case of Saffy v. Time Magazine

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