Monday, January 28, 2008

Just a quick question from the couch tonight.  Is it just me or is American Gladiators the most homo-erotic thing on TV right now?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I know it has been two weeks since I last wrote.  I have been working through my sadness in losing Jesus.  The house still seems empty without him.  I have taken to sitting on the couch with pillows on my side because it doesn't feel right with nothing there. 
In other news, both my best friend and my sister in law had babies this week.  Erica's son was born on Monday evening.  She had a little boy who is very beautiful and sweet.  Andrea, my sister-in-law had her daughter on Wednesday afternoon.  From her photos, she is a beautiful healthy little girl.  I haven't met her yet as my whole family lives in Wisconsin.  All the babies have taken my mind off my sadness, but in other ways, they have made me feel more sad and empty.  
As a gift for Erica, I made her a bracelet with the birthstones of everyone in her family.  It's not really a mother's bracelet, but more of a family bracelet.  It has garnet, amythyst, quartz (I didn't have diamond beads for April) and aquamarine.  It turned out very nice.  I had also made her a pair of mittens that I was making for her from yarn I got on sale at our LYS and finished them in time to bring them to her in the hospital.  

I am still working on my sweater.  Last night I bumped my elbow somehow and ended up pulling a couple rows of stitches off my needle.  After about an hour of messing around I figured that I can't fix it myself and will have to go in the the LYS on Tuesday to have the owner help me out. 

On Thursday I was supposed to start my Jewelry Making II class at the Sharon Arts Center, but it was cancelled because not enough people signed up.  Instead I am taking a metalsmithing class with the same instructor.  I think it will really help my metal shaping ability and will hopefully give me more jewelry inspiration.

My next big project is getting my house clean for the upcoming visit from my mom and sister.  

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Just a quick entry to say that last night Jesus lost his fight against Congestive Heart Failure.  He was a wonderful little doggie and I will miss him with all my heart.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yay!  I am done with knitting and crocheting for other people for now!  As my reward, I bought enough yarn to make myself a sweater.  The yarn is a beautiful rust color with little bits of yellow in the fiber.  The pattern is by Norah Gaughan.  A picture of the sweater is here.  I am about two inches into the back of the sweater.  I did have to pull it apart three times for dropped stitches and the like.  I went to the knitting lunch at the yarn store today and bought the UGLIEST yarn ever.  It called to me to make something fabulous from it.  It is varigated and sewn together with metallic thread.  I don't know how to describe it better than that.  Beverly, the shop owner, gave me a very strange look when I went to buy it.  I don't mind. 

Next up, I am going to try to get all my new jewelry onto Etsy.  I just have to photograph it.  I hate doing the photography.  It is such a pain in the butt.  I try to make a ton of stuff before I haul out my photo tent and lights to take pictures.  

On January 15, I am starting an advanced jewelry making class at the Sharon Arts Center.  I should be a lot of fun.  Among the new things I will be learning is setting faceted stones!  Can't wait to post photos of everything I'll be making.