Thursday, April 16, 2009

I had Weight Watchers this morning.  I am down .4 pounds for a total of 34.4.  It seems like I am getting a good result every other week.  Last week was 2 pounds and the week before was .8.  So next week, I think I can expect to be down between 1 and 2 pounds.  I've been having trouble eating all my daily points this past week.  My goals for this week is to eat all my daily points every day (already did it today) and earn 28 activity points for the week.  If I go to yoga four days during the week, I earn 19 points, so I just need to earn an additional 9 points.  Luckily, tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 70's so Diana and Saffy will be hitting the streets for a long walk.  

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