Monday, March 30, 2009

I signed up for April NaBloPoMo so I will be posting every day in April.  

As promised, here is what I received in the scavenger hunt swap:

Something Local is wool and silk handspun from a local spinner and Something Related to the Letter "M" is Malabrigo sock yarn.
Orange Malabrigo sock yarn and silk and wool handspun

Something Hard is a fun fur blanket for Saffy.  She called it hard because it was a pain in the butt to knit.
Saffy inspecting her new blanket

Something Purple is cotton wash clothes and Something Recycled is a reusable grocery bag.
Wash clothes and reusable grocery bag

Something Funny is two magic yarn balls in Minnesota Vikings colors.  As a born and raised cheesehead, I am a Green Bay Packer fan through and through.  The first picture is the before and the second is the unwrapped after.
Mystery Yarn balls! New yarn

Something Dotted is a water bottle.
Dotted Water bottle

Last but not least is Sender's Choice, which was my favorite.  A felted bag.
My sweet new felted bag

Thanks to my swap partner for the best swap ever!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sorry I have been such a slacker about posting here.  I think about it a lot, but never do it.  The last month has been pretty much the same old thing.  I have upped my yoga to four days a week and am really seeing the results.  I am now down over 30 pounds!  35 is halfway to my goal weight, so I am getting close to the halfway mark.  

Patrick and I just had a nice weekend.  Our 10th anniversary was on Friday, so he took the day off work and we had a great long weekend together.  Friday night we went to see "I Love You, Man," which was very funny.  We also bought some beautiful filet mignons which Patrick grilled on Saturday night.  Saffy got a couple of pieces since it was her 1st birthday.  Today we watched some DVDs before Patrick left to go back to Maine.  It was a great weekend and I was very sad to see him leave.

In crafty news, I just finished up a swap on  It was a scavenger hunt swap.  We had eight categories and had to come up with an item for our partner for each category.  It was a yarn-based swap, so at least five of the items had to be yarn related.  Here's what I sent my partner:

Something Local is Reclaimed Cashmere from a local spinner.
Ellie's Reclaimed Cashmere

Something Purple is a neckwarmer and a pair of fingerless mittens.
Neck Warmer
Fingerless gloves

Something Recycled is a pouch made out of recycled grocery bags.  It took me almost a month!
Plastic Bag pouch

Something Hard is sock yarn and sock needles since my partner thought knitting socks was really hard to do.
Noro and Needles

Something Funny is a fun fur pattern book.
Fun Fur Pattern Book

Something related to the letter "M" is stitch markers.
Stitch Markers

Something dotted is some notecards.
Set of six notecards

And finally, Sender's Choice is a spring-y necklace that I made for my partner.
Rose Quartz necklace

I'll post what I received in the swap in my next post.  I believe that I really lucked out in this swap as both of us were extremely happy with everything we received.