Friday, November 21, 2008

It has been getting very cold here in New Hampshire.  Yesterday I put my VW Beetle convertible in the garage for the winter.  This morning I left for yoga and decided to take my husband's car because my truck is really low on gas and I hate stopping to get gas and avoid it at all costs.  It was about 20 degrees this morning when I headed out and Patrick neglected to tell me that heat in his car wasn't working.  It's about a 20 minute drive to the yoga studio and I couldn't believe how cold it was and how the car wasn't warming up.  I was counting the seconds until I arrived because the yoga I do is in a heated room--usually around 85-90 degrees.  In spite of the warmth, it still took me about 10 minutes to warm up when I got there.  My poor sweetie drove four hours in that car yesterday.  

I spent the rest of the day knitting and playing with the puppy.  I've taken a break from the crocheting for a little while.

I am glad it's the weekend and I get to spend time with my honeybunches.  We are planning on seeing the new James Bond movie and working on the house.  Hopefully I will have some pictures to post soon.

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Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane said...


Check to make sure that you have coolant/anti-freeze!! This happened to us last winter and I just assumed that the heather broke because no dashboard lights came on. Well, it seems that the coolant guage is broken in our car. We had a crack in our raditator and all the coolant had leaked out and the car was overheating and not giving us any heat. Scary! So if you haven't already, check. You could just be out!