Friday, November 28, 2008

Here are the pictures I promised!  First, we have the delicious Thanksgiving feast Patrick and I shared.  Everything was so good.  Isn't the canned cranberry sauce wicked classy?

Next up, we have the awesome Weight Watchers pumpkin pie.  It was very tasty.  

Saffy loves cardboard tubes.  We totally don't need to buy her toys.  We just give her toilet paper rolls.  Yesterday was a very special day and Saffy got the tube out of some cling wrap.  It's extra thick and chewable. 

Last but not least, Saffy was exhausted after her crazy tube chewing and doing tricks for turkey.  Puppy hangovers are so cute!


Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane said...


It's funny that you eat your cranberry sauce that way. We usually eat it in a bowl. And I often turn it on it's side. I never would think about putting it on a plate!

Jennifer said...

Cranberry sauce is wonderful in any form. The pie does look delicious!

Michelle said...

oooo...everything looked yummy! We're still digging out of our turkey day spread. I don't think we'll ever eat all the stuffing!