Monday, November 24, 2008

Back in 1996 I was lucky enough to have one of those "what would you do if. . ." experiences everyone asks themselves about.  You know, the kind that you really can't say unless you've experienced it.  I was backpacking in Europe for two and a half weeks during my Easter break.  I had spent about four days by myself in Paris and Nice and was set to meet my friend Jenny in front of a youth hostel in Rome.  We were supposed to meet around 4pm.  There I was, standing on the street with all my bags, just waiting.  I had been in Rome all day and hadn't been able to find an ATM or anywhere to exchange the Francs I had left from France.  I was tired and hungry and Jenny was running almost an hour late.  Standing there, I finally dropped my bags and left them sitting next to my feet.  A minute later, a guy came up to me and started speaking to me in Italian.  I had no idea what he was saying and was just trying to get rid of him when suddenly he just up and left.  I saw him walk to the end of the block and turn the corner.  That's when I looked down and saw that one of my bags was gone.  The bag that was taken was the one with my passport, train tickets, plane tickets, money, and camera.  At that point, instinct totally kicked in and I was running at top speed after the guy who had spoken to me.  Around the corner, I spotted the guy and his accomplice and started screaming at the top of my lungs.  At that point, the guy with my bag dropped it and took off running.  I picked up my bag and started bawling.  I headed back to the street I was supposed to be waiting on and Jenny eventually arrived with her own story to tell.  Her flight had been delayed at Heathrow due to the royal family landing.  I guess they ground all the planes when that happens.  The one thing I learned from the whole experience is that I won't hesitate to act in that type of situation.  It makes me feel safer and more confident.  

I've been watching Band of Brothers with Patrick and wondering how I would act or react in war.  I had all the training and know what I would need to do, but it seems to me that it's one of those situations where you can't know until you are in the thick of it.  


Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane said...

Wow, I have no idea what I would do! I'm so glad that you were able to get your bag back. At least they were just scared bullies and not dangerous!!

Jennifer said...

That's an amazing story! I'd like to think I'd do the same thing--maybe not, but at least I'm good at screaming. :)

Amy Lu said...

Diana, I've been meaning to check out your blog since you posted it on FB.

It's great to "catch up"! You have a great blog and etsy site! Congratulations on your marriage... your puppy... and your knitting!

And now I have to go, because I'm sure I've exceeded my exclamation mark quota for the day!


Heather Wardell said...

Good for you for getting the bag back! Probably not what you're supposed to do, but it worked and I'm sure I'd have done the same thing. Do NOT steal my stuff. :)