Monday, July 02, 2007

I have just finished a ton of crafting for a swap I am participating in on Craftster. The theme is "pink" so I am tickled pink right now. I have photographed everything I made, but I hesitate to post it now as my swap partner hasn't received it yet and I want everything to be a surprise.

This past week I have dabbled in a little of everything: crochet, sewing, paper, jewelry, and painting. Today I thought I would post some more of my older work. These two necklaces were made at the beginning of the year. The blue one for a swap, and the red one for the Nashua Pastoral Care Center annual silent auction (I donate jewelry to the auction every year). Both necklaces are made with origami beads which were painstakingly folded out of six 1x1 inch squares of paper for each bead. The other components are sterling silver and semi-precious stones. I am working on making more of these to put in my Etsy shop. I wanted to get some inventory in the shop before I start working on more of the time consuming (i.e. more expensive) items. Now I just need some people to start buying!

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