Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Feminist Swap items
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I guess I promised to post everything I sent for the feminist swap. I think I sent a lot of great items and received TONS of complements from everyone in the swap, except for my swap partner. I have no idea when/if she will even be sending a package in return since I haven't heard from her in a while. I really hope she likes everything she received and the reason she hasn't been in contact is because she is so absolutely amazed and astounded by everything I sent that she has been rendered speechless (or e-mail-less or unable to type or something). Yeah, we'll say that.

So here's everything I sent: I sent the "Fashion First Aid Bag" from the Stitch and Bitch Happy Hooker, a Wonder Woman Accordian book, feminist quote artwork, and a female symbol necklace. I made the pendant out of sterling silver and the necklace itself is amethyst, rose quartz and swarovski crystal strung on silk.

As I said, I hope she liked it.

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