Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy September! I have been pretty busy lately. I had poison ivy all over my arms and that kept me itching for a couple of weeks. Nasty stuff. Labor Day weekend, I put hardwood flooring in our living room. It is so beautiful! Jesus did not like it one bit. He acted like he couldn't jump on the couch from the hardwood even though he had no problem jumping up when Patrick and I weren't looking. We bought an area rug and his life is so much easier now. Spoiled dog!

In crafty news, I have been busy working on items for a feminist swap I am doing on Craftster. I will post pictures after I send as I want my partner to be surprised and I don't know if she reads this blog. I am making some amazing things and I am very excited about sending them off to her. I am also trying to start making jewelry again. I haven't done much lately since this summer was so hectic. Entering September was like a breath of fresh air...I can finally get back to my routine. I am back to the gym everyday, I joined a local choir and the Nashua Pastoral Care Center Gourmet and Auction committee has started meetings.

Tomorrow night some of our friends are having their annual costume party. Last year the theme was "High School Graduation" and everyone had to dress up like they did in high school. This year, it's "Pirates." My husband, being the historically accurate man that he is, insisted on getting me a (real) cutlass and a (real) flintlock pistol. He is also making my costume from scratch. I can't wait until it's done! I'm going to be one hot pirate wench.

I'm busy, my life is going good, and I'm happy right now.

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