Monday, December 01, 2008

So, I figured out why I was so miserable yesterday.  I caught Patrick's cold.  I woke up with a killer sore throat yet still went to yoga.  At the time I was still holding out that I hadn't caught the cold.  Yoga made me realize that I did.  I spent half the class in child's pose and the other half of the class with my legs shaking.  Class was way harder than it should have been.  I was kind of hoping I'd sweat out any germs, but it didn't seem to work that way.  I'm supposed to go back on Wednesday, so we'll see how I feel.  Patrick had a head cold so I don't expect yoga to be as beneficial when you can't breathe.  

I spent the afternoon on the couch with Saffy and some tea.  I am almost halfway done with another Christmas gift so I am at:
3 complete
4 in process
2 not yet started
I'm getting there!

Today is my baby sister, Drea's birthday.  Happy 26th Birthday Sissy!  I sent her money for knitting lessons.  I tried teaching her this summer and we were working on the knit stitch, but with all the wedding work we didn't have much time to do any more than that.  Hopefully, another convert to the dark side.  Ha ha ha!


Jennifer said...

I hope you feel better soon... You practice Bikram, right? That'll kill you when you're not sick. Uggh.

Diana said...

I actually do Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, which I believe is similar and just as hard core. I am not a hard core athletic-type person, I just haven't found any other forms of yoga that I enjoy as much. I guess I am just a bit of a masochist!

Laux said...

Hope you feel better soon! A cup of hot tea and a cuddly pet always helps. :)